Have you ever wondered what pageant life is like?

With so many pageants running these days, have you ever thought of trying one out?

Is it worth your time?


…and here is why:

1) Modeling Summer Camp

Let’s start with the biggest reason for joining a pageant.

Pageant events are the single most comprehensive events related to modeling.

beauty pageant photo shoot session photoshoot

Meaning, photo shoots, runway shows, makeup sessions, parades, talent shows, dance rehearsals, parties and more.

Beauty Pageant runway fashion show

If you love modeling and performing, you will love pageants. 

beauty pageant dance rehearsal

Pageants are like Summer Camps, with a modeling theme. It is an event filled with activities day and night.

Here are some examples of my friend Marta from Spain, participating in the daily activities.

2) Travel Around the World

The second reason for joining a pageant is the opportunity to travel around the world.

marta and spain contestant getting ready for modeling pageantFew professions truly allow you to travel and explore the world one week at a time. It’s like having a tour guided vacation with chaperones and buses ready to take you to and from events.

beatuy pageant field trip on ilo beach peruOh, and not all events are modeling related. You will get a chance to take field trips and tour the city you are in. 

beauty pageant field trip peru beach modeling lifeOne of the biggest perk is aside from airfare, hotel fees and meals are all paid for by the organizer.

having lunch with beauty pageant friends modeling contest

3) Friends Around the World

juntopmodel mr usa modeling contest team leaderContestants arrive from different regions.

peru beauty modeling contest contestantsSome are from different cities, others are from different countries. I can almost guarantee you will make friends and have a good time.

There is nothing quite like performing fun activities with your new friends and sharing stories about each other’s lives.

4) Character Development

Can you introduce and express yourself effectively?

Can you perform in front of hundreds and thousands of people with total confidence?

Beauty pageant group dance performance modeling lifeWhat if your sash fell on stage while you were performing? Will you slow down and feel embarrassed, or will you continue the show?

You will learn exactly what to do!

You will also learn how to answer interview questions and think quick on your feet. 

beauty pageant interview sessionThe experience from performing and interacting with people will be great for your personal and professional growth. It’s definitely an enrichment experience not to be missed. 

5) Prizes and Souvenirs

beauty and modeling pageant contest winnersNot limited to just the grand prize, there are prizes and titles to win in many levels of the competition.

Mr congeniality and mr latino pacific world winnerTitles such as Miss Congeniality, Miss photogenic, Miss talent, and etc. are only a few of the titles that will be given away.

Top winners will receive scholarships, sponsorship deals, modeling contracts, and more.

6) Professional Portfolio May Not Be Required

With all this talk about how fun and productive these events may be, are they easy to get in?

Truth is, there are many pageants with varying levels of prestige.

professional modeling portfolio not neededSome will be more than happy to accept beginning models without an extensive portfolio. Although the better your photos, the more professional you will appear, some events will accept your applications if you have some clear photos of your face and figure.

digitals polarids for modeling submissions projects

What is required is a professional attitude and a desire to make the region that you are representing, proud.

So what do you do now?

How do you start preparing for submissions and getting ready for your pageant?

Don’t worry, I have your back. Let’s board the model shuttle and take a look at what’s needed for your big event.

Tutorials coming soon!shuttle ride to modeling beauty pageant with juntopmodel