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Have you ever wondered what modeling life is like?

It’s such a fun and exciting life that we can’t imagine doing anything else.  In fact, modeling is so awesome that we sincerely want everyone to try it. That’s why we created this free website. We firmly believe that, 

Everyone Deserves the Opportunity to Model.

exciting roller coaster ride modeling lifeThe modeling life is like a roller coaster ride that is filled with ups and downs. If you do it often enough, you’ll learn not only about the entertainment industry but also about yourself. You will grow with confidence and as result, appreciate life even more.

There are so many reasons to get into modeling that it is impossible to list them all on this page. This is just a small sample of what’s waiting for you in this exciting life.

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facebook likes keyboard modeling recognitionThe most appealing aspect of being a model is the attention you receive.

There is nothing quite like the feeling that you are special and important. Do you feel good when something that you have posted on social media gets hundreds of likes?

Wait till you are modeling and become the center of everyone’s attention.

modeling center of the attention june top model

You are surround by people all doing their best to make you look good. And if the shoot is outside? Crowds of bystanders will follow you, trying to get a glimpse at what you are doing and what you are working on. These situations give you immediate satisfaction.

magazine and billboard modeling recognition june wu top model

Other forms of recognition, although delayed, can create a pleasant surprise as well. You may receive a call from a friend telling you the new issue of a fashion magazine is out and you are on page 25!

Or your Ex may post a message on your Facebook page letting you know that she just saw you on a billboard. She also wants to know what you are doing later. How you respond to that, is of course entirely up to you. 😉

Fun Projects

As obvious as it sounds, modeling is fun.

Sometimes extremely fun.

Marin bikes modeling job sample june top modelYou could book a bike modeling job spending half the day biking around the city, enjoying the sites, and having photos taken of you.

food modeling sample june top model

You could also spend a few hours on set doing a food commercial, where you are paid to eat fancy desserts!

tubing modeling sample

Or you and a few models from other agencies meet at a production office to have breakfast. Then someone from production will drive you to the shooting location in a model van. Upon arrival, you change into the appropriate wardrobe and take some still shots with the group. And before you know it, you are tubing down a river having the time of your life.  


halloween pumpkins modeling jokeThink about all the fun you had every October 31st while growing up.

Was it a unique and thrilling experience to dress up and be someone else for a day?

Halloween was our favorite holiday and we had many fond memories sharing our new identities with friends and neighbors.

Modeling is like Halloween.

Each project is different and will require you to play a different character.

modeling is like halloween example top model june wu

One day you could be a hip gamer kid for HP Intel and the next, a zombie for the Walking Dead and Dr. Pepper commercial. You could also be Superman for an Under Armour Campaign, or a secret agent using the newest gadgets.


A benefit that happens all the time, being pampered is no longer just a privilege but an expected service.

Hair treatments styling and facial model perks modeling life

Probably the reason why so many models turn into divas is the fact that they are treated very well on set.

Enjoy putting on makeup and styling your hair? Professionally trained artists will do that for you because that’s their job.

On some high profile runway shows, designers even hire manicurists and pedicurists to work on each model prior to the show.


runway prep fashion week june top model fashion show

Because they want you to look absolutely perfect, from head to toe.

Self-Employed Freedom

digital clock telling you to go back to sleepNot a morning person?

No problem.

No need to get up bright and early 7 am Monday morning. You can sleep till noon and create your own schedule.

Don’t have a meeting and don’t feel like working today?

No problem. 

Don’t.be your own boss self employed

Being self-employed means you are your own boss and answer only to yourself. Depending on the market, chances are you won’t be working on a project or going to a casting every day of the week. So what do you do on your off days?

You can search for opportunities and start building connections and your portfolio at the comfort of your own home.

Generous Paycheck

Depending on the project and its usage, you may be compensated well for your modeling service.

apple modeling photoshoot

You could book a job with Apple and arrive on set ready to work. They provide the wardrobe, makeup, and styling.  They shoot you for 5 minutes and you change wardrobe. Then they shoot you for another 5 minutes and you are done for the day. You leave the set after being there for an hour. The usage for the photos are simple and you get paid $500 for basically 10 minutes of modeling work.

$500 for 10 minutes? Can we come back tomorrow? 😀

And that is just simple usage and a simple photoshoot. Other projects can pay you over $10,000 for a day.

Expenses Paid

Besides getting paid for your work, any of the expenses incurred to perform the job is paid by the production company.

free manicure hand modeling That means if the project needs you to use your hands to model a product, there will either be a manicurist on set or you can go to one and they will reimburse you.

What if the shoot is located far away and you need to take a bus or train to get there?

Yes, they will purchase the tickets for you to and from the set.

What if the project is out of state?

expenses paid modeling travel airplane

See this airfare? First class. Paid by the production company.

When you arrive at the destination, there is a driver holding a sign with your name on it, who will drive you from the airport to your hotel. The hotel?

Hotel room and board free for models modeling life

Yes, it’s pretty nice and it’s paid for as well.  All the accommodations are taken care of, including a per diem.

When you get on a professional set and if hungry, there will always be quality food available to you. Sometimes you can even order from the catered menu yourself.

free food for models model life

On some sets, like on the MTV and Trojan Condoms project, there are designated chefs that will cook your favorite meals for you.


Traveling outside of the state to do a project is one thing; traveling outside of the country to work a different market is another.

Modeling traveling New York City june top model

A major advantage working as a model on a professional level is the opportunity to travel around the world.

A top ten model agency or any other respectable agency will often have international connections. They will have the ability to place you all over the world.

Modeling traving all over the world june top model

This is your chance to experience life on the other side of the planet, usually on someone else’s dime.

Free Gifts

free cosmetics products for modelingA nice little surprise at the end of a project is when the client or producer let’s you take nooka free gifts for modelingsome of the products home.

This generous gesture is beneficial to them because it is free marketing for them if people see you wearing or using the product.

It is nice for you because it’s like getting a souvenir that you can bring home to share with your family and friends.

free shaving products for modeling

An interesting story about June’s modeling life is that his dad didn’t take his modeling career seriously until he started to bring home some of the products he was modeling.

free gifts for modeling model perk

June’s dad at first give him a lecture on how he should be more careful with spending his money. The lecture stopped when June told him all these things were given to him for free.

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Yes, the modeling life can be rewarding.

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