Happy September!

I recently came back from participating in a beauty pageant and have been receiving some questions on how I got into the pageant scene.

Thanks for your questions! Okay let’s get right into it!

So how do you get into pageants?

Well, if you have the right materials, you can start submitting yourself to pageant organizers today. Who knows? You may be on a plane traveling to an exotic location a few months from now.

sending email submission to modeling agencies and beauty pageant organziersWait. What? Did I just say that you can submit yourself?


You can submit and apply to beauty pageants yourself.

Do you know what that means?

You don’t need a modeling agency to represent you.

You don’t need a national director to qualify!

Okay, first things first.

These are the materials that you must have to get started.

  • Photos of yourself
  • Wardrobe
  • Talent

These are the things that pageant organizers are looking for.

1) Photos

Modeling is about photos. And its importance in applying to beauty pageants is no exception.

Jun's Korean editorial fashion photo

Photos not only show what you look like, but also your style, and personality.

Keep in mind first impressions are critical.

So no awkward angled photos, no photos with you and your friends, and no photos in bad lighting or weird places (colorful and busy backgrounds).

Don’t worry, not all pageants require you to have a top notch portfolio. Yes, if you have good photos, you will appear more professional. Photos like the ones on the left are sharp, with high contrast to help capture your features.

However, I was able to submit and get accepted by pageants from photos like the ones below.

These digitals work well because they are clear and crisp. You can clearly see my facial features and my figure.

digitals polarids for modeling pageants submissions projects

2) Wardrobe

Pageants, if you haven’t noticed yet, is all about expressing yourself and performing in front of others.

A big component is what you choose to wear to showcase your style.

Almost all major pageants have at least 3 fashion runway performances.

  • Swimwear / Bikini
  • Regional / National  Costume
  • Evening Gown / Suit

3 must have wardrobes for beauty model pageant Miss Grenada example

Miss Grenada is a good example.

These three are the most important but they are just the beginning.

The key to joining pageants is looking the part and being presentable at all times.

We will cover other wardrobes in the future. Athletic wear, cocktail wear, casual fashion wear, and etc. will put you at an advantage if you have them in your closet.

Sorry baggy jeans and sweat shirts….You have to go. 😉

3) Talent

A great way to introduce yourself to event organizers is by showing off your talent.

It could be almost anything. Singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, juggling, and etc.

Check this out. In my recent event, I represented the United States by doing some pop dancing and martial arts. Mr. Romania put on a green Mask like in the Jim Carrey movie and danced his heart out. Mr. Myanmar on the other hand, put on a puppet show! ( I will be posting a video of our performance in the near future. 🙂 )

male beauty pageant universal ambassador talent show

Having an interesting talent in your resume greatly increases your chances of being accepted.


Because it contributes to the prestige of the event and makes it entertaining for everyone.

Organizers love that.

So we got Photos. Wardrobe. And Talent

You know what?

I do have a confession to make.

There is another crucial thing that organizers are secretly looking for.

4) Personality

Are you fun to be around?

Are you friendly and outgoing?

If you were in a room full of strangers, is your eyes glued to your cell phone, or are you walking around making new friends?

Think about it, if you are an organizer:

Would you want a drop dead gorgeous looking person who is anti-social? Or do you want a person who is fun and outgoing at your event?

Marta Miss Canary Islands entertaining kids in Peru beauy pageant

Pageants are social events. Your personality is more important than your physical beauty.

Here are examples of my friend and I, partying and entertaining kids at an event in Peru.

Top Model Jun Mr. China entertaining kids in beauty pageant peru

Sure, if you are beautiful, it helps. If you have a top modeling portfolio, that’s great. If you have Broadway show costumes and can sing and dance better than an American Idol, more power to you.

But guess what?

At the end of the day,

It’s your personality that makes you memorable.

That is actually the real reason why you don’t need to have a top notch portfolio, a contract with a top agency, and a prestigious talent resume to be considered.

So there you go.

Photos, Wardrobe, Talent, and most important of all… Personality.

These are the 4 important things that organizers are looking for when considering you for their next event. 

Stayed tuned as we go over pageants in more detail in our future posts. Where to find organizers, how to stand out and win titles, as well as things to watch out for… coming soon!

Keep those questions coming!

See you soon!