Model Myth #1

All Models are Drop-Dead Gorgeous

No! Absolutely Not!

It’s true right?

No, No, and No!

gorgeous male models toplessBecause of the enormous impact of media in our society, we are conditioned to perceive models as always beautiful. This is far from the truth. What most people don’t realize is that there are many categories of models- all with their own areas of expertise. See Types of Modeling for an explanation of each.

A model is someone who uses his or her physical appearance to sell a particular product.

With this definition, it becomes clear that a model’s attractiveness is dependent on what product is being sold.

For example, we all recognize this funny character:

Verizon Can You Hear Me Now Guy Paul Marcarelli

The Verizon “Can you hear me now?” guy (portrayed by Paul Marcarelli)

He is a model who sells a phone service plan. In this case, the product requires a model to be friendly, knowledgeable and above all else, approachable.

What about this character?

progressive Insurance girl Flo Stephanie Courtney

The Progressive Insurance Girl (portrayed by Stephanie Courtney)

She, like the Verizon model, is selling a service that requires the model to be fun and social.

I think you would agree that these two models are attractive but not “drop -dead gorgeous”.

But they don’t need to be. Because if these models were more attractive than necessary, THEY will be getting the attention and not the product they are selling.

So as you can see, having this “all models are gorgeous” mindset is an untrue and tinted standard to have.

This also means you don’t have to be tall or skinny to be a model.


Model Myth #2

I am Beautiful/Handsome, therefore, I am a model

Sorry, but nope.

I am Beautiful, therefore, I am a model

Unfortunately, No. Being beautiful does not automatically mean you are a model.

However, being physically attractive means you have the potential to be a particular model. 

funny cartoon doctor lawyer engineer

Let me illustrate this idea with some examples.

What would you think if someone went up to you and said:

1) “I am good at taking care of people, therefore, I am a doctor

2) “I am good at debating, therefore, I am a lawyer

3) “I am good at math, therefore, I am an engineer

Can you see why saying “I am beautiful, therefore, I am a model” is a bit ridiculous?

Beautiful model at makeup bench

Modeling is a profession.

From figuring out what type of modeling best fits your personality and body type, to building  a portfolio, to countless hours of working in front of a camera or crowd, to receiving ego-crushing rejections almost everyday, to finally finding a modeling agency who is willing to take a chance on you- modeling, like any other craft, takes years of practice to master.

The struggle does not end when you have a model agent. In fact, now you have to work even harder because your reputation is on the line. A couple of false moves and the agency will let you go.

Long story short, A Model’s Title Is Earned.

OK! So, if a person attends medical school to be a doctor; law school to be a lawyer; and engineering school to be an engineer; it makes sense that one would attend a modeling school to be a model right?

LOL! 😀 Sorry! You walked right into:

Model Myth #3

I need to go to a Modeling School to become a Model

Not at all!

Myth #3

I need to go to a Modeling School to become a Model

I wish it was that easy.

In fact, if someone told you that you must go to a modeling school to become a model, you need to run. He is a scam artist.

This is because most modeling schools are scams.

It is unfortunate, but many so called “modeling schools” cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars without providing useful and practical knowledge. They are only interested in making money, not developing the model.

To avoid scams, see the section on Watch Out For Scams!

no modeling school required So how does one become a model?

This is where it gets tricky.

There is no official way to become a model. Interesting enough, if you have the right look for a market, talented, and know the right people, you can start booking jobs immediately and maybe even become famous.

Effort and Persistence will determine who’s successful in the long run.


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